Herbal Bath - Jive SS - Moor Mud (1 Bath)

Herbal Bath - Jive SS - Moor Mud (1 Bath)

Jive Skin Solutions Herbal Bath is 100% pure and natural.  It consists of herbs, organic substances, minerals, vitamins and other photo-nutrients present within the Austrian Moor.  When added to your bath, the moor quickly disperses throughout the water - creating a wonderful soothing experience for the whole body.

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  • Directions

    Run a warm bath and stir in 1 sachet of the Herbal Bath paste (carefully cut corner with scissors to open).  Relax in the bath for up to 20 minutes.  After the bath, do not rub down, but wrap the body and rest for one hour in a warm room.  For a complete spa experience, apply Thrive Body Lotion as a whole body moisturizer.  When draining the bath, stir the water periodically to avoid residue left in the bath.  **Please make sure bath is not too hot.  Very hot water can cause fatigue.

  • Ingredients

    Heilmoor Clay, Aqua